Yard with edging and pruning

Williams & Williams can take care of all your landscape cleanup needs, whether it simply involves debris removal or other services such as pruning, edging and mulching.


The beauty of any landscape is significantly enhanced by proper pruning of trees and shrubs. However, improper pruning can do more than just change the look of your landscape; it can weaken, deform or even kill your planting.

Trust the professionals at Williams & Williams to provide expert pruning services that will improve the health of the plant, shrub or tree as well as enhance its look.


Edging is probably the simplest and most basic landscaping method by simply fashioning a finished edge to a lawn, garden area or other portion of a landscape.

While edging tools can be used to provide a natural edge, landscape edging materials may also be added for a more decorative or defined appearance. These edging products can be made of plastic, aluminum, wood, brick, cement or other materials.

Landscape edging adds a really great look to your overall landscaping design. It can help you protect and define the area it borders, keeping everything looking fresh and clean.

Installation may not always be as easy as it looks due to problems with grading and other obstacles. Often, improperly installed edging may begin to fail soon after it is put in place and normally doesn’t last longer than one growing season.

Williams & Williams provides edging services with long-lasting results. We prepare the area to be edged and carefully install the materials according to professional standards.


In forests, fallen leaves and needles form a natural protective layer for the soil. Your residential landscape doesn’t have that advantage but the same protection is given through mulching.

Mulching makes a big difference by:

  • Conserving soil moisture
  • Restricting weed growth
  • Reducing erosion
  • Keeping plant roots cool
  • Adding winter protection

Mulching also dramatically enhances the appearance of your landscape. Mulch rings around trees make lawn mowing easier while protecting tree trunks and surface roots from mower damage.

There is a variety of mulches to choose from, including summer mulches, winter mulches and permanent mulches. Our landscapers can help you decide what approach will work best for your property and then perform an expert application to your property.

Additional Landscape Cleanup Services

Williams & Williams also provides additional landscape clean up services, including:

  • Tree, shrub and plant removal
  • Dead lawn removal
  • Trash hauling
  • Rock and concrete removal
  • Landscape tie removal
  • Sprinkler repair
  • Old fence removal
  • Driveway and sidewalk removal
  • And just about anything else you need to leave your property clean and neat.

Would you like more information? Call us or email us today to learn more about our landscape cleanup services.