Custom Swimming Pools and Spas

Custom pool and spa

Each design by Williams & Williams is not just a custom pool or spa but a complete swimming pool environment that complements your property and enhances your lifestyle. We listen carefully to your ideas, thoughts, and, yes, safety concerns.

In-ground swimming pools and spas also must take many factors into consideration in addition to style. We carefully analyze soil structure and composition so that the excavation and installation of your backyard pool contains no surprises.

We also look all of the details necessary to make your custom swimming pool a long-lasting and enjoyable addition to your home.

Safety also plays a big part in any Williams & Williams design. We will work with you to be sure that safety concerns for your family as well as those who live in the surrounding neighborhood are addressed. This will include lighting, pool decks and child-proof safety fencing.

Custom Pool Houses

Custom pool house interior shot

A Williams & Williams designed pool house can turn your backyard swimming pool into a personal spa. Our experienced designers will help you think beyond the basic changing room.

Perhaps you want to incorporate a porch-like feel with screens and large sliding glass doors that provides shelter from the sun or a sudden rain storm. Maybe you would like to add a small game room, bar, or bathroom. We can help you fulfill your dream.

Our pool house designs will take many factors into consideration, such as:

  • Architecture and roof design of the main house
  • Overall design theme
  • Other landscaping elements such as trees and gardens
  • Furniture choices and styles
  • Additional options, such as an outdoor kitchen or fireplace

Your final design will complement your existing property while enhancing your outdoor experience.

Would you like more information? Call us or email us today to learn more about our expert design-build services for pools and pool houses.