Pool house side view

Creating a landscape master plan involves both art and science. At Williams & Williams, our skilled landscape designers are experienced with both. We are also familiar with newer innovations and creative landscaping ideas that can set your home apart from the rest.

Each master landscape plan is like a work of art, incorporating lines, curves, textures and elements to create the kinds of outdoor environment you desire. It will show...

  • Where structures and plants will go
  • Location of underground cables wires and pipes
  • Actual material patterns and textures
  • Color choices
  • Grading and site-work requirements

The master plan needs construction drawings to give more detail for the construction phase and serves as the guiding document with the following:

  • Grading Plans – where the site will need extensive earthwork or level changes
  • Staking Plans – a guide for our installers or surveyors to locate project elements on the ground
  • Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Plans - shows how these two parts interface with the rest of the project
  • Complex Planting Plans – sometimes a separate planting plan may be needed for more complex installations
  • Construction Details - design elements shown on the master plan can be transferred to separate sheets and developed in fine detail for ease in construction

Each master plan is also a living document. It will help you control costs, lessen change orders, and give you a vision of what you property soon will look like. It can be used later when you want to add something new to your existing property. A master plan exists for one purpose. One day when you are walking in your new garden or sitting in your newly created outdoor living space, you will say, “This is exactly what I wanted!”

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