Foundation plantings – trees, vines, shrubs, grasses and ground cover – should do much more than simply hide your foundation. They should:

  • Enhance your home and make it more welcoming
  • Form the most visible component of any home’s exterior
  • Tie your home to the rest of your landscape
  • Frame your home for a picture-perfect impression.

Professionally-done foundation plantings take many things into consideration, including the spacing and harmonization of plantings to be used, soil composition, aesthetic properties and growth habits. They are tailored to your specific home, chosen with the local climate in mind and are meant to last generations.

Entrances, house corners and the transitional areas between the corners all have different landscape needs and require different kinds of plantings. These subtleties can be the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary impact on the look of your home.

The professionals at Williams & Williams take all of these aspects into consideration when providing foundation plantings. When your planting is finished, you will have a dynamic looking home whose view is not just observed but enjoyed.

At the end of the project, we will also give you ideas on the best care, feeding and pruning of your plantings.

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