Hardscape Design & Build

Flagstone patio with bridge

Decorative concrete flatwork as well as brick and natural stone can enhance the beauty of your overall landscape by providing walkways and patios that do much more than simply define traffic patterns and outdoor living spaces.

Today, walkways and sidewalks are not just used to guide you where you are going. They have become artistic expressions in cement and stone that accentuate the overall look of your property. You can use textures, colors and styles to transform your home from average to amazing.

Patios also form a beautiful and practical outdoor extension of your living space.

Decorative Concrete Patios & Walkways

For patios and walkways, concrete has become the new product of choice.

Decorative concrete can be:

  • Stained
  • Colored
  • Molded
  • Textured
  • Even personalized

Decorative concrete can also be stamped and colored to resemble the stone fa├žade on your house or imitate the look of flagstone and brick.

Brick, Flagstone, Stone, Slate, and Cobblestone Patios & Walkways

And, for durability and upkeep, nothing can beat the strength of bricks or stone. For example, a flagstone patio or walkway is still seen as a standard for the industry. Other options for creating elegant patios and walkways include bricks, stone, slate and cobblestone.

With so many options, let Williams & Williams guide you through the selection process and help you address all the details. In the end, your walkway or patio, when installed by our professionals, will give you years of use and lasting beauty.

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