Pond with waterfall

Nothing adds charm and elegance to a garden like a pond, waterfall or fountain. Water features transform the ordinary into an experience in both sight and sound. Yet, nothing causes more frustration or becomes more of an eyesore than a garden pond or water garden fountain that no longer functions.

Let Us Install Your Pond, Waterfall or Fountain

A Williams & Williams water feature installation will give you years of trouble-free enjoyment through our driving commitment to quality. We can offer long-lasting enjoyment of your garden pond, waterfall or other feature by providing:

  • Expertise in determining the proper scale and proportion of a water feature for your property
  • Knowledgeable assistance in selecting reliable water feature components
  • Professional excavation and site preparation
  • Careful and professional installation of each portion of a project
  • Suggestions concerning fish or water plants
  • Electrical runs for lights and pumps that are safe and up to code.
  • Thorough instruction on the use, care and maintenance of your water garden, waterfall or fountain.

Do you wonder about safety features that might be needed to protect children or animals?

Do you have questions about such things as bugs and mosquitoes that can accompany a water feature?

Williams & Williams can guide you to all the answers you need to provide a safe and healthy environment for your backyard sanctuary.

Would you like more information? Call us or email us today to learn more about our quality installation of water features as a part of your landscape design.