Patio with outdoor kitchen

During the warmer months of spring, summer and fall, the backyard takes over as the favorite area to relax, to gather as a family or to entertain guests. Homeowners are now even taking the comforts from inside their home outdoors.

Patios, decks and porches have now become multipurpose open-air living spaces that can include outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Through treatments of stone and brick, these features not only add function but form, style and elegance as well.

Construction of outdoor features requires both knowledge and experience that goes far beyond the exterior look or equipment choice both of which are very important. The right equipment can be selected to provide both a tasteful elegance and long-term reliability. Stone or brick work must also be done to the exacting standards needed for installation of your outdoor appliances or fireplace fixtures.

Outdoor Kitchens

With an outdoor kitchen, you never have to miss the fun of your next party while preparing food and beverages.

Early preparation work for a quality outdoor kitchen involves careful planning and installation of such things as gas, electrical, water and drainage lines.

Outdoor kitchens need to be stylish, practical, functional and weather-resistant. Several important decisions take place during the planning phase. The choice of the appliances you want must be made, such as a grill, stove, oven, refrigerator and sink. Cabinetry and other components also need to be chosen.

Williams & Williams takes pride in providing installations where quality craftsmanship supports functionality. You have a kitchen that looks elegant and is fun to use!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Whether you decide on a stone outdoor fireplace or a brick outdoor fireplace, it can provide a beautiful relaxed mood during the evening. Selections can be anywhere from a small alcove-style for two to a large hearth for a gathering of guests.

Whatever you choose, the fireplace becomes a focal point for your outdoor living experience.

Outdoor fireplace construction is also a complicated task, whether it is constructed of brick or stone. Other considerations include:

  • Location on the deck, porch or patio
  • Chimney height
  • Prevailing winds and a possible wind buffer
  • Weight-bearing load of the project
  • Plumbing for natural gas, if desired

Williams & Williams employs a full range of professional craftsmen including stone masons, plumbers, electricians, etc. to be sure that your installation is done with the quality of construction that has formed our reputation in Northern Virginia. They do it right the first time.

Would you like more information? Call us or email us today to learn more about our quality installation of special features such as outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces.