Just as the interior of your home requires illumination; your outdoor living area needs lighting for activities or to set a mood. In addition to illuminating your exterior spaces, outdoor lights can also add style and elegance to any landscape design.

In the front, outdoor wall lights and post lights welcome guests and provide illumination to identify unexpected company. Also, with your front walkways lighted, you are putting safety first for anyone who has trouble seeing after dark.

The backyard, which can serve as an area for both relaxation and recreation, comes to life in the evening hours through outdoor decorative lighting and outdoor accent lighting.

Low voltage, line voltage or solar, Williams & Williams does it all when it comes to outdoor lighting. We are your professional outdoor lighting specialists.

Every local area has specific outdoor lighting codes. We know what is required to install your project with safety first and up to code.

You can be confident that your custom installation includes...

  • Electrical lines buried at the proper depth
  • Conduit used where required by code
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved wiring, outlets and ground fault interrupters
  • Proper incorporation into your existing electrical service

Outdoor low voltage lighting has been very popular over the years for safety and ease of installation. These systems can also be very temperamental if they are not properly installed. Our experienced crews can set up low voltage lighting systems that will maintain a constant voltage throughout the entire run.

Would you like more information? Call us or email us today to learn more about our quality installation of outdoor lighting.