Stonework Walkway

Stone work is often called the bones of a garden. Stone work is used to provide traffic patterns, define boundaries and can create physical structures to enhance any installation. It can include options such as:

  • flagstone walkways
  • stone retaining walls
  • dry stack walls

When it comes to hardscapes like these, Williams & Williams knows that installation is more than just “what you see is what you get.” Our professional craftsmen understand the importance of a proper base that is compacted, leveled and graded under any of our stone work.

Properly installed landscape retaining walls will enhance the beauty of your landscaping while maintaining the structural integrity of your site.

Are you looking are being creative? Have you thought about other structures like a cobble stone apron, stone walls and arches, or garden borders? The experts at Williams & Williams can help you from your first idea to final execution.

Would you like more information? Call us or email us today to learn more about our quality stone work services.