Design & Build

Single-Source Design and Build

Single-source design and build means that Williams & Williams takes care of every aspect of your project.

While most companies care for only part of the project, either the initial design or the construction, we believe in seeing you through the entire project. From design to implementation, we are your team.


Each Williams & Williams project begins with a design. Whether you are updating your landscape, adding a pool in the backyard, or installing a Flex Court, we start with your idea. What do you need? How do you envision your idea?

At Williams & Williams, we create each design from scratch so that you are getting a unique and custom item.

Our design process encompasses the following:

Initial Consultation

You meet the designer to review the project requirements and objectives.

Conceptual Master Plan & Development

The designer provides a concept plan based on your ideas and prioritizes as well as the site’s character and strengths. Your choices, combined with the designer’s ideas, results in a complete specialized layout for your outdoor space or architectural concept.

Construction Documents

The landscape architect produces permit-ready detailed construction documents so our team can develop and build your vision. These documents typically include:

  • Final Master Plan
  • Planting and Lighting Plan
  • Construction Details
  • Engineering Documents
  • Permit-ready Documents
  • Hardscaping and Layout Plan

You may require additional documents, depending on the scope of your project. Contact us for insight about your project, specifically to see if you need any additional documents.


After we have reviewed the design, made any necessary adjustments or changes, and worked with you to choose materials, we start the actual construction. At Williams & Williams, we follow all zoning and construction regulations in your area, ensuring that anything done on or to your property is up to code.

Throughout the construction process, we check in with you to keep you informed and make sure the design implementation meets your expectations.

Providing both designs and build for our customers enables us to fully see a project through. We have full control over how a design gets implemented, with constant feedback from our client, resulting in a project that meets your needs and overall vision.