Our Process

At Williams & Williams, we involve our clients in every phase of a project. As the client, your voice is the most important. All decisions, from planning to material selection to construction, will be made together.

Step 1: Initial Consultation & Site Review

Every journey begins at the space to be designed. We consult with each client and ask the following:

  • What is Your Personal Aesthetic, and How Do You Envision the Space to Look?
  • What Will the Space Be Used for?
  • Who Will Be Using the Space?
  • What Are the Terrain, Grading, and Other Logistical Factors in the Space to Be Altered?
  • What Are Your Privacy and Safety Needs?

Step 2: Site Work & Design Creation

After the initial meeting, the team begins site work and the design process. Site work includes surveying the topography of the space to identify potential obstructions and attain measurements. That information is combined with information from the consultation to produce the design of your new dream space. Once the team creates the initial design draft, they review it with you to ensure the proper execution of your vision.

Step 3: Proposal Review & Contract

When the design is complete, you will receive a proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, you sign a contract with Williams & Williams, and the project begins!
The same professionals that consult in the beginning phases are the same professionals that implement the design, assist in choosing materials, and oversee construction. You will remain in consistent contact with your team and remain involved in every step of the way.