Flex Court

Our custom-built courts are spaces where families can enjoy activities from basketball to pickleball, tennis to hopscotch, and everything in between. They allow you and your family to enjoy an active and fun lifestyle right in your backyard.

What is Flex Court?

Flex Court sports flooring materials are produced from the highest quality virgin polypropylene and are 100% recyclable. Requiring minimal maintenance, Flex Court tiles can be cleaned with a regular broom and mop, and are designed to withstand severe weather. Because of the interlocking tile design, any damage to Flex Court is easily repairable and can be done at home.

Why use Flex Court?

With a 16-year warranty and a life expectancy of 25 years, Flex Court is a great investment. Flex Court is versatile; it can be used indoors (play areas, home gym) and outdoors. Flex Court floors and courts have the highest level of playability, relying on ProStep™ and SoftStep™ outdoor surface options to reduce sports-related injuries. On top of all of that, Flex Court offers an overall appealing aesthetic, making it a top choice for any space.

Williams & Williams uses Flex Court because it is the highest quality, most durable, and family-friendly court material available.

Flex Court construction involves site selection, preparation, grading, and excavation. Our quality court design and build will ensure years of enjoyment for our clients.