Pools & Spas

Custom Swimming Pools & Spas

Safety, functionality, and style are the guiding factors in each Williams & Williams pool and spa design. Our professionals carefully consider client ideas, safety needs, and how to complement each property prior to construction. In addition to installing features like child-proof fencing, pool decks, and lighting, we include personal touches tailored to each client.

Pool Process

The Design

The first step in any design and build process is to take inventory of the existing space. We have to see the space we are working with to start designing a pool that falls within your budget, space, and meets your overall vision. After we know the space dimensions, we will consult the most recent zoning and building restrictions for your area.

Next, we will select materials depending on your budget and the overall aesthetic you want. If you want a premium material and have room in the budget, we may go with gunite. If you are looking for something more in the middle, fiberglass is a great option. If you are looking for a lower-cost option, vinyl is at the lower end of the cost spectrum.

The Build

After the design has been confirmed and the materials selected, we start excavation. During excavation, we mark the pool layout and start digging.

Once the ground has been prepped, we will frame the pool shape with the substructure. We position the plumbing system and any needed wiring. In addition to pool framing, we frame any decks and walkways that are part of your design.

At Williams & Williams, we ensure your water is clean and clear by installing all the necessary pool components like a basin, motorized pump, water filter, drains, returns.

When the groundwork is done, we start the interior finish, finish the deck or walkway, and then fill the pool. At this point, we add any fun features like water slides, diving boards, or pool lighting.

Once all of the finishing touches have been completed, your Williams & Williams team ensures that you are equipped with all the knowledge and tools needed to effectively care for your pool.

Beyond the Changing Room: Custom Pool Houses

How can a pool house enhance your property and lifestyle? If you are considering adding a pool house, take a purpose, equity, and aesthetic into consideration.

Purpose: Need a place to safely store towels, lawn chairs, noodles and cleaning equipment? How about having a spot for your family and guests to change that keeps the wet out? Can a pool house also double as a gym? What would it be like having a cool and cozy place for visiting loved ones year-round? Serving limitless purposes, a pool house is a perfect addition to your personal oasis.

Equity: In offering uniquely luxurious space, a pool house can launch the value of your home to the next level. Recognize a pool house as an opportunity to get a return on your investment and stand out from the crowd.

Aesthetic: Williams & Williams carefully considers the architecture of the main property and landscape of the pool area in designing our clients’ pool houses. We ensure that a pool house will only enhance the look of your home and yard.